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Tooth Powder is a natural alternative to toothpaste that also helps reduce our single use plastics. Virtually all commercially-prepared toothpaste contains at least one or two harmful ingredients (i.e. glycerin and fluoride). The benefits of tooth powder are good for you and good for the environment. We use bentonite clay in all our recipes. This clay is abrasive enough to remove the plaque but not so much so that it will do damage to your enamel. It also helps raise the pH of your mouth, making it more challenging for bacteria to grow.


Ingredients: bentonite clay, baking soda, calcium powder, sea salt, peppermint, birch xylitol, spearmint, myrrh, peppermint essential oil


1.23oc/35g (3-4 month supply)


To Use: Open carefully to prevent spills. Lightly wet toothbrush and dip into powder or use a spoon to apply. Tap off excess and brush as normal. Will not foam up like commercial tooth pastes but is doing a great job cleaning. Rinse mouth afterwards to remove any powder particles still remaining.

Mint and Myrrh Tooth Powder

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